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  1. It is that time of year now, leaf soup making progress a little slower than normal especially in wooded areas.

    Today we moved to Fradley where we are planning to stay for the weekend. We are moored just above Shade house lock the top lock on the main flight. Weather being kind? we shall have the gallery/shop open over the weekend. 10 till 4ish.

    Next week we shall be going onto the Coventry Canal top up with water and then moor just a little way along. We are taking our time as we want to attend the HNBC social and then up into Birmingham for the Christmas Floating Market 24th/25th Nov & 1st/2nd Dec on the canal by The Arena.

    Slow moving also gives us chance to catch up of making a few things for the shop and ready for the floating market.

    You can view work for sale both Here on the website which houses our larger sculptures and Here on the Etsy shop which houses our smaller items.

    Remember most of our sculptures are one offs and when they are gone, they are gone!

    Here are a couple of recently finished pieces.

    The Feather of Truth which can be found here


    also this little guy catching a fly which can be found here

  2. We are currently in the process of changing around the website. This will no doubt upset more regular visitors than first timers.

    Some changes are a new look past work page click here to view.

    A slim down of what is on the menu. Ie to access any candle information now you will need to use its own address of it will no longer appear on the menu of our main page.

    The biggest change will be no online shop as such. We are going to be trialing a Current Work For Sale page instead. Click Here to view. We have found now we have been running the website for a while that our buyers like to contact us direct rather than buy through the online shopping cart this now caters for that. Each item has a contact us link at the bottom someone can then use this to purchase or ask any questions. payments can then be taken via Paypal, BACS, Cash or Card. Postage can be arranged on a individual basis or you can collect.

    Smaller items will be available in our Etsy shop see here.

    We have also removed the i am not a robot from the contact form. Some people seemed to be struggling with this when trying to contact us and we want it to be easy. Remember the direct email address is available as well as the form.

    So please bear with us while changes are made which means some old links may no longer work, new pages may be added to or changed and so on.

    If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the changes then do get in contact with us HERE.

    I am going to leave you with this Kangaroo we have just finished. Which is you guessed it FOR SALE and available to view on the Current Works For Sale page. Give it ago!